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The Philosophical Implication of Xi Jinping's Speech at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.022


Yuxia Han

Corresponding Author

Yuxia Han


For the present colleges and universities, at this stage is the golden period of cultivating students' ideological and political education, not only to manage the students' normal learning situation, but also to educate the students' spiritual world and moral thoughts. Strengthening students' moral quality ideological education is conducive to the formation of good moral quality, thus forming a sound personality. Therefore, the reform of college education is inevitable, in the process of college teaching, teachers should combine ideological and political education with humanistic quality education. Ideological and political education is an important part of the talent education system in colleges and universities. Because of too many reasons, some work choices are in a relatively small position. It not only affects the students' technical level, but also will seriously affect the students' future development. In fact, the basic content of colleges and universities is to pay attention to the cultivation of technical skills, this concept is not wrong, but if we ignore ideological and political education, it will cause some problems, so long as this part of the work can cultivate the builders who are conducive to socialist construction. This paper focuses on the ideological and political education of the students to strengthen the prevention of epidemic situation.


National University, Ideological and Political, Working Conference, Philosophical Implication