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Community Structure and Diversity of nirS-type Denitrifying Bacteria in Paddy Soils

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.55


Zebin Chen, Xi Gao, Tiyuan Xia, Yuan Su, Jiani Liu, Lei Yu, Dingkang Wang, Shengguang Xu

Corresponding Author

Shengguang Xu


To understand the community structure and diversity of nirS-type denitrifying bacteria in paddy soil. The nirS gene was used as a molecular marker to construct a clone library of nirS gene in paddy soil. OTU cluster analysis and species taxonomy analysis were performed on the cloned sequences. The 318 valid sequences in the library can be divided into 18 OTUs at a similar level of 97%, belonging to Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria and Unclassified bacterial groups. Proteobacteria (69.50%) is the most dominant group in the library, and there are mainly Gammaproteobacteria (50.00%), Betaproteobacteria (17.30%) and Alphaproteobacteria (2.20%) groups. The Gamma class is the most dominant class in Proteobacteria, and all of them belong to the Pseudomonas group. Most of the nirS gene sequences in paddy soils are consistent with those previously found in soils, sludge and estuaries.


Rice, Soil, Nirs Gene, Denitrifying Bacteria, Diversity.