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On the Path Choice of Marxist Ecological Economy Thought to Solve Ecological Crisis

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.018


Xiaoshuang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoshuang Zhang


Nowadays, industrial civilization has developed highly and created a lot of material wealth for human society, but in the end, ecological crisis has followed. As a socialist country, in the face of the heavy ecological crisis, the solution and the exploration of practical path are all carried out around the Marxist theoretical system. As an important part of Marxist theory system, ecological economic thought mainly includes the economic relations between man and man and between man and nature, labor productivity, economy and ecological cycle, etc. Its theoretical form is completely consistent with the socialist harmonious society and the construction of ecological civilization in our country, thus reflecting the practical significance of solving ecological crisis with Marxist ecological economy thought. Starting with the problems of ecological economy construction in China and combining with the Marxist ecological economy thought in China, this paper discusses the path choice to solve the ecological crisis..


Marxism, Ecological Economy Thought, Ecological Crisis