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Art Practice course construction of ancient poetry and songs

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.017


Xia Liao

Corresponding Author

Xia Liao


The Ministry of Education has higher and higher requirements for public art education in colleges and universities. Nowadays, in addition to offering public art elective courses, there are very few public art practice courses in colleges and universities.Taking ancient poetry and songs as the content of public practice courses plays a very important role in guiding students to enhance their love and enthusiasm for learning Chinese traditional culture and to cultivate students' cultural confidence and national pride.From the course setting objectives and specific course construction and starting from the characteristics and innovation of the course, this paper briefly expounds the construction of the practical course of ancient poetry and songs, hoping to introduce this practical course into ordinary colleges and universities, guide more students to experience the great cultural heritage of our country and actively participate in the artistic practice of experiencing, expressing and creating beauty.


Ancient poetry, Ancient poetry songs, Art practice course