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Du Shaoling’s Poetry and Lu Yanshao’s Artistic Conception

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.016


Nina Zhang, Panzhi He, Haitao Lin

Corresponding Author

Haitao Lin


Chinese painting has organically integrated poetry, calligraphy, painting, seal and theory. Usually a painter is also a poet, philosopher and calligrapher. They are the kind of people who have made profound achievement in the study of Chinese culture and possess rich humanistic spirit. As we know, the creation of Chinese painting is also the creation of humanistic spirit. Lu Yanshao was a painter who paid great attention to literary cultivation and basic painting skills. This can be seen from Album of One Hundred Poetic Settings from Du Fu’s Lines. Starting from the painting elements of poetry, it reappears the combination of poetry and painting, and enhances the artistic appeal of the combination of poetry and scenery. Lu Yanshao’s artistic conception of Tang and Song poetry is a recreation of art. “Lu’s Landscape” has become a unique and innovative model.


Chinese poetic painting, Lu’s Landscape, artistic conception