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Research on the Complementarity of News Communication between we-media and Traditional Media Based on Focus Era

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.015


Peijin Li

Corresponding Author

Peijin Li


Since the emergence of self-seeking, with its wide social coverage, fast publishing methods, rapid dissemination speed and attractive news content, it has brought a brand-new pattern to the news communication industry, and also impacted the dominant position of traditional self-seeking on news communication on a large scale. The development of we-media has brought a strong impact on traditional media. In order to seek long-term development, traditional media began to innovate and develop continuously, absorbing and learning from the advantages of we-media, and achieved considerable results. With the continuous progress and development of society, the era of focus will come sooner or later. With the arrival of the Focus Era, there will be a revolution in social media and information dissemination. In order to promote the development of traditional media, it is necessary to attach great importance to the complementary relationship between them. This paper mainly discusses the complementarity of news communication between we-media and traditional media in Focus Era, objectively expounds their respective advantages, and seeks reasonable countermeasures.


From the media, Traditional media, Focus era, Complementarity