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The Influence Of Contemporary Aesthetic Taste On The Artistic Creation Of Digital Media

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.013


Jing CAO, Gang LI

Corresponding Author

Jing CAO


Aesthetic taste is the subjective hobby and tendency expressed by individual in aesthetic activities and aesthetic evaluation. Aesthetic interest is the aesthetic appreciation ability of the subject showing his preference. This ability restricts the various aesthetic behaviors of the subject, not only in the aesthetic creation, but also in the appreciation of the beauty. In the contemporary society, the tide of commercialization swept the world, and the aesthetic activities have also undergone a process of transformation. It is this aesthetic specialization and commercialization that propagate the aesthetic value infinitely and spread in the daily life, eventually eliminating the boundary between art and life. The contemporary aesthetic taste shows the tendency of commercialization, living and popularization. These three tendencies will also inevitably affect the three stages of artistic creation -- Observing and experiencing social life, conceiving artistic images and solidifying artistic images into works of art.


Aesthetic taste,Digital media art,Artistic creation