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A New Economic Innovation Paradigm Model Based on Dimension Competitive Entropy

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.008


Zhengang Zhai, Danli Tao, Jing CAO, Bingtao Gao, Xiaohan Zhang, Li ZHANG, Yinjie Wang, Song XU

Corresponding Author

Zhengang Zhai


Most researchers have paid more attention to the technologic innovation, when the topic of the innovation was talked. Actually, especially when we promote the development of digital economy, the innovative paradigm is very different from traditional economy to companies, industry. In this paper, the knowledge of natural science is combined with the knowledge of literature to construct the new paradigm model function. The model is formulated by combining the main ideas of Three-Body Problem which has been written by the Cixin Liu. And, a new economical innovation paradigm model is proposed by the dimension innovation, which based on the dimension competitive entropy, which is proposed to describe the innovation competitive power of an enterprise. The attacking by reducing the core dimension and thinking by increasing the new core dimension are formulated with the mathematic function. In the experiment, the model is tested using the simulated data to prove the innovation paradigm model useful to a company.


Innovative paradigm model, Dimension competive entroy, Dimension innovation