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Research on Conceptual Art Form

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.004


Xiaoqing Gu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoqing Gu


Art expression in the context of contemporary art has been transformed from the directional selection of material media to the continuous output of ideas, and derived into the in-depth discussion on the interpretation of the validity of concepts. Tracing back to context systems of the concepts, the interaction of the signifier and the signified between works and conceptual form can be clarified in a self-consistent logical system. This paper attempts to analyze the evolution trend and limitations of “concept” by combing the concepts of postmodern conceptual art form. Compared with the non-linear logic structure of modern mathematics A ≠ B, taking the reality of the other side as the logical premise of self-cognition and development, postmodern art is bound to be a rugged and complicated art form because it hovers in the game of various development. Therefore, the so-called “end of art” is actually a fracture of the development of linear logic in art history, which just reflects the basic morphological characteristics of postmodern art.


Conceptual form, Conceptual, Evolution trend, Limitation