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Consumption and Aesthetics: an Graphics Study of Modern Ceramic Art Design

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DOI: 10.25236/assah.2020.002


Yuke You

Corresponding Author

Yuke You


Although the development time of modern ceramic art is relatively short, due to its own particularity and irreplaceable characteristics, more and more artists are devoted to the design and creation of ceramic art. Modern ceramic art has developed rapidly in recent years. For cultural relics and artworks, besides modeling, the pattern on the body surface is also an important component. As one of the important contents in people's modern life, the design concept and process of ceramic art basically satisfy people's pursuit of ceramic art in modern social context. This paper studies the collection of ceramic art design patterns and image mosaic technology, analyzes the characteristics of diversified aesthetics and image characteristics, and points out the influence of diversified aesthetics on ceramic art design in modern life. In the process of image analysis of ceramic design, the original image must be effectively and accurately denoised and corrected to ensure that the calibration accuracy between images is accurate to pixel level.


Ceramic art, Aesthetics, Image feature