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Research of RCS sequence for Radar Target Feature Identification

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DOI: 10.25236/cseem.2020.178


Xiaodong Sun, Nanping Mao, Yan Su, Hansheng Zhang, Qiang Wang, Xudong Zhang, Guoqing Liu, Lanhui Zeng, Haoming Cui

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Sun


Space object recognition technology is one of the key technologies of space monitoring system. Its main function is to detect and track space objects such as satellites, debris, missiles, space stations, spacecraft and meteorites in space, extract the characteristic information of targets, and then realize the recognition of various space targets. As one of the main sensors for the acquisition of space target information, radar has the characteristics of strong real-time performance, long operating distance, all-weather and all-day operation, and plays an important role in the identification of space target.


RCS; Characteristic; Feature extraction; Classification