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Research on New Public Management to Overall Governance under the Background of Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.188


Jinyu Bao

Corresponding Author

Jinyu Bao


The theory of holistic governance originates from the decline of new public management and the development of information technology. The emergence of individualistic thinking mode in the new public management period and the fragmentation of governance left by it in practice directly stimulated the rise of holistic governance. The replacement of new public management by holistic governance marks that government functions have changed from decentralization to centralization, bringing new blood to government management. This paper is a brief introduction and evaluation of the new idea of holistic governance in order to arouse people's attention to this theory. On the basis of tracing the source of the two theories, this paper analyzes the similarities and differences of integration under the two governance paradigms and what kind of integration the government needs under the governance paradigm of the new Internet era, and discusses some views on these issues..


Internet, New Public Management, Holistic Governance