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On the New Way to Solve the Problem of "Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers" Under the Background of Implementing the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.184


Zhou Yanli

Corresponding Author

Zhou Yanli


The most important step to realize the Rural Revitalization is to strengthen and perfect the construction of the village level party organization. It is the key to realize the rural development that whether the construction of the party organization in the rural area is effective. Village Party organizations are closely linked with the party and villagers. They are the end of the rural socialist party and the front line of the party's fight against rural construction. Only through the communication between the party organizations at the village level, can there be real differences in the guidance of all Party policies and Leadership Cores in rural areas. The village level organizations put forward new requirements. Therefore, the construction of village Party organizations and the proper state of reform against the background of rural activity have become a subject. Through the investigation and Research on the village level political party organizations, this study puts forward the practical methods to strengthen the construction of the village level political party organizations.


Rural Revitalization, Agriculture, Rural Areas and farmers, New Path Analysis