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Innovative Marketing Communication Scheme Based on Social Media Word-of-Mouth

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.182


Jing Yuan

Corresponding Author

Jing Yuan


Social media is an online platform, which can share user insights, information and ideas, realize user aggregation, and achieve rapid information dissemination. In social media, at first, the disordered and disordered netizens were replaced by the network with clear interpersonal relationship. The business value of social media itself is also recognized by more and more companies. At the same time, as a way of marketing communication that can strongly influence consumers' wishes and behaviors, oral communication has surpassed the traditional circle of friends and acquaintances in the era of social media and become the focus of the industry and academia. However, the attention of social media to the industry and College of word-of-mouth marketing communication is mostly limited to one link. The lack of the overall process of social media's word-of-mouth marketing communication activities is based on the short-term but long-term economic advantages of the activities, which can be realized. Therefore, the specific marketing communication provides theoretical reference for the enterprises engaged in by convention, which is more necessary than the previous research based on the complete public praise of social media.


Social Media, Word-of-Mouth Marketing Communication, Model