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The Importance of Strengthening Citizen's Moral Construction in the New Era and the Way to Implement It

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.180


Yiwen Yan

Corresponding Author

Yiwen Yan


Moral education has been the focus of Chinese family education since ancient times. At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the implementation of "citizen ethics construction project", "social ethics", "expert ethics" and "family virtue" were reported. Then, the foundation of "personality foundation" and "no" world was promoted. In order to strengthen the moral construction of citizens in the new era, we need to play the unique role of family.In the new era, there are historical similarities between civil moral construction and traditional family moral education. Through rough removal, scouring and forgery, we can provide historical reference for the construction of civic morality in the new era. In the content of moral education, traditional family moral education advocates moral education for family members, especially children. The moral education law of combining practice with others. Of course, due to the limitations of historical conditions, the traditional family moral education thoughts will inevitably have historical limitations. In order to fully explore the value of traditional family moral education in the new era, we must comprehensively analyze the current problems faced by family moral education. In the historical development stage of the new era, the family moral education in our country can not fully meet the requirements of the new era, such as educational concept, educational content and educational methods.


Civil Morality Construction, Civil Morality, Importance