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Research on the Construction of College Counselor's Core Competence and Professionalization Construction in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.178


Linchi Bai

Corresponding Author

Linchi Bai


The new era of high-efficiency counselors face a new education and teaching environment, in order to better achieve self-professional development and social requirements, need to build the core competence and professional construction. On the one hand, colleges and universities should pay attention to the core competence of counselors and the strategic goal of career construction, starting from the selection and employment, system, training and assessment, respectively, to effectively help counselors achieve the requirements of ability and career development; on the other hand, college counselors should make ideological changes, play subjective initiative, and achieve this goal through independent learning and further study. Based on this, this paper discusses the construction of the core competence of high-efficiency counselors and the content of professional construction in the new era, and puts forward targeted strategies.


New Age, Efficient Counselor, Core Competence, Construction, Research on Professional Construction