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Exploration and Construction of Civil Aviation Safety Inspection Mode in the New Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.169


Hu Lushi

Corresponding Author

Hu Lushi


At present, although the safety of domestic civil aviation industry has been greatly improved, there is still a gap compared with European and American countries. The most obvious performance is that civil aviation security capacity is still difficult to adapt to the rapid growth of air transport demand. Many factors are closely related to the occurrence of civil aviation safety problems, such as the mismatch between the scale of civil aviation and the market demand, the level of operation, the ability of scientific research, rules, rules and regulations, the quality of employees, and the speed of development. In this severe situation, in order to make up for the defects of civil aviation industry, it is necessary to promote and improve the safety management system. But for a long time, China will face the double pressures of rapid economic growth and domestic and international environment driven. Therefore, in order to meet the current development needs, it is necessary to ensure the driving force corresponding to China's civil aviation safety production support capacity. Therefore, these situations require the rapid development and improvement of civil aviation safety inspection in China. The civil aviation industry has witnessed the development in recent years and achieved important results, but the civil aviation safety inspection still faces many problems. The healthy and sustainable development of civil aviation industry needs a comprehensive understanding of the problems in safety inspection and how to solve them.


CAAC, Safety Inspection, Problems, Countermeasures