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Brief Analysis of the Short-Term Interactive Model between the Marketing Effect of Microblog and the Number of Fans

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.167


Chen Feng

Corresponding Author

Chen Feng


Today is the era of microblog emerging one after another, is the era of rapid development of the information society, in order not to be eliminated by the times, we need to integrate with the times, and constantly innovate, so as to seek new development. For some enterprises, in the context of micro blog, it is more necessary to deepen the reform, take the market as a breakthrough point, especially to strengthen the innovation of marketing mode, and reasonably apply the self media platform such as micro blog, so as to achieve the improvement of marketing level, and then drive the new development of enterprise economy. How to innovate the marketing model has become the key point. This paper explores the innovation strategy of the marketing model.


Microblog, Marketing Model, Number of Fans