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Research on the Application of Intelligent Logistics Technology in Trade Logistics under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.165


Ma Hao

Corresponding Author

Ma Hao


The concept of logistics was first formed in the United States, and logistics also appeared according to the needs of social development. Modern people like to buy things online, no matter what they buy online, they need logistics distribution. Trade logistics refers to the logistics services related to wholesale, retail, accommodation, catering, resident services and import and export trade. Trade logistics is an important part of commodity circulation and has become one of the important industries in social development. Intelligent logistics refers to improving the ability of logistics system to analyze decision-making and intelligent execution through intelligent hardware, Internet of things, big data and other intelligent technologies and means to improve the intelligence and automation level of the whole logistics system. The development of intelligent logistics technology is conducive to reducing the cost of trade logistics, improving efficiency, controlling risks, saving energy and environmental protection, and improving services. That this article is mainly in the big data era background, studies the wisdom logistics technology in the trade logistics application.


Big Data, Intelligent Logistics, Trade Logistics, Logistics Technology