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Research Incentive Mechanism of Maslow's Theory of Demand Level in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.162


Jing Lv

Corresponding Author

Jing Lv


Under the contemporary education mode, the teaching of scientific research incentive in higher vocational colleges also needs to be innovated and reformed constantly. Now the most important task is to cultivate the core accomplishment of incentive education in higher vocational colleges into what can be helpful to the future development and make them useful, so as to help students develop their potential quickly in this way and make themselves better and better. Most of the schools in our country are still teaching an incentive education mainly in very traditional ways. But in fact, this kind of traditional incentive education method is not useful for students, most students feel boring, so give up the study of incentive education, which also has a negative impact on the cause of education. Both schools and teachers and educational institutions should actively address the problem.


Maslow Demand, Hierarchical Theory, Higher Vocational Colleges, Research Incentive Mechanism