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Analysis on the Influence of Table Tennis in National Fitness Program

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.161


Liu Tengsheng

Corresponding Author

Liu Tengsheng


Table tennis is a kind of teaching method which can help students to promote physical education and entertain themselves. If it can be applied to college physical education and training, it is very helpful for middle school students to improve college physical education. By making full use of the competitive spirit of table tennis, PE teachers should first start with the foundation of college physical education teaching and training. Especially in our country, table tennis is the most popular and one of the best sports events in our country. In the past Olympic Games, our ping-pong players have achieved very beneficial results, and almost all the gold medals in table tennis competitions have been taken by our athletes. To explain college sports skills and let them understand the important value of playing college sports, this paper focuses on the impact of table tennis in the national fitness program analysis.


Table Tennis, National Fitness Program, Impact Analysis