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On the Characteristics and Development Direction of Rural Tourism Products in China

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.159


Lingzhi Peng, Fang Xu

Corresponding Author

Lingzhi Peng


In our country, with the stability of social situation, the relaxation of reform and opening up, the emergence of various new things, more and more opportunities to win, tourism is also a great opportunity for prosperity. Rural tourism has developed with its own advantages. Of course, in rural tourism, because it is still in the groping stage, various problems are inevitable, but in general, the prospects are still considerable. Taking tourist attractions as an example, in the process of development and management, the scenic spots fail to deal with the contradictions and conflicts between local residents and tourists, thus affecting the normal operation of scenic spots. So in order to coordinate such conflicts, the local residents can only realize that they are not only successors to the local culture, but also disseminators.


Rural Tourism Products, Characteristics, Development Direction