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On the Relationship between Digital Media Art Design and Economic Value

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.158


Gaode Zhang

Corresponding Author

Gaode Zhang


In recent years, with the development and progress of traditional handicrafts in China, the development of cultural industries such as museums has been widely concerned by people from all walks of life, and its development speed is very rapid. For example, China's Forbidden City Museum, Shanghai Museum and Suzhou Museum and many other national key museums, with rich collections and perfect equipment, have reached the level of international flow museums, but the design of cultural and creative museum lags behind, the market demand is seriously out of balance, and the current situation of cultural goods is very serious. This paper focuses on the research and discussion on the relationship between digital media art design and economic value, studies and combs the museum resources and local culture development, and examines the future development and trend of the museum from the perspective of exploring the museum cultural resources.


Digital Media Art, Design, Economic Value