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A Study on Shared Bicycle Traffic Planning under Green Traffic Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.153


Wang Xue

Corresponding Author

Wang Xue


The development of shared economy has given us more convenient life, and the concept of shared economy development is realized through the participation of all people. Sharing economy can integrate resources, improve the utilization rate of resources, make better use of social resources, and also promote social equity. Sharing bikes is one of the pioneers of the sharing economy, the project was founded to facilitate travel and energy conservation and emission reduction, with the characteristics of resource sharing and environmental protection. The current legal system related to the sharing economy is not perfect, which has caused some obstacles to the development of the sharing economy. With the development of economy, the city's transportation has undergone important reforms. With the increase of the number of vehicles, urban residents have increased the requirements for all aspects of travel, so it is necessary to plan the urban transportation to meet the travel needs. Sharing bicycles is a slow travel mode. In urban planning, many cities show road congestion, and planning a route for sharing bicycles can effectively alleviate the problem of travel congestion, but also enrich the diversified travel needs of residents, and can promote low-carbon environmental protection and promote the process of national fitness. From the point of view of green traffic concept, this paper analyzes the main points of shared bicycle traffic planning for reference.


Green Transport Concept, Shared Bicycle, Traffic Planning