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A Study on China Cruise Tourism Development Strategy Based on SWOT Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.152


Jiang Rui, Jiang Hua

Corresponding Author

Jiang Rui


Cruise tourism economy has always been the best in the world tourism economic growth, more than the total growth rate of other types of tourism, its economic benefits have been widely concerned in the world. After entering the WTO, China has attracted more and more international attention, especially in recent years, China has become the fastest-growing country in the world economy, and the income of residents has also been raised, and at the same time, it has changed the consumption concept of residents, and many people have begun to enjoy the happiness brought by tourism. With the increase of the consumption demand of vacation experience tourism in tourism products, the development potential of China's tourism market is huge, and many cruise companies have begun to open up the Chinese market one after another. In this case, cruise tourism has gradually become a new hot spot for Chinese tourism consumption, and China's cruise tourism industry has also shown a strong development momentum. The development of cruise tourism industry has made great contribution to the whole national economy of our country, and has also been supported by relevant policies, and its development prospect is very broad. However, because of the late development of cruise tourism in China, it is still in the initial stage, and there is a big gap with the European and American regions. In such an environment, it is necessary to sum up the problems affecting the development of cruise tourism and the necessary conditions for the development of cruise tourism in China. According to these factors, the SWOT analysis is carried out to find out the direction of the development of China's cruise tourism market, so as to find out the development route adapted to the current characteristics of our country..


SWOT, China Cruise Tourism, Development Strategy