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Study on the Application of Comprehensive Evaluation in Comprehensive Evaluation of Water Environment Quality

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.151


Dong Yunqin, Guo Tao

Corresponding Author

Guo Tao


The comprehensive evaluation of water environmental quality is based on the data of water environmental quality in a certain region within a certain period of time, select a number of representative and analyzable indicators, through the way of comprehensive analysis, establish a comprehensive analysis mathematical model, and then evaluate its quality grade according to the index weight value, the results of the evaluation and the relevant data of the mathematical model can provide an effective and intuitive reference for water resources pollution prevention, later protection, development and utilization. This paper analyzes the methods and requirements of comprehensive evaluation of water environment quality and the application of comprehensive evaluation method in water environment quality evaluation from three aspects: main index of water environment quality evaluation, water resources classification and comprehensive evaluation method, and then studies how to scientifically establish comprehensive evaluation model, and summarizes its data advantages and environmental protection significance in comprehensive evaluation of water environment quality.


Comprehensive Evaluation, Water Environmental Quality, Data Reference, Environmental Protection