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On Organizing Theme Party Day Activities to Promote the Construction of Grass-roots Party Branches in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.149


Lili Wang, Lili Dai, Huimin Qian, Qin Wang

Corresponding Author

Lili Wang


For colleges and universities, the theme of party members' activities in the Party branch is the meeting point between students' party building work and the development of colleges and universities in the new period, an important way to continuously enhance the awareness of party members and party spirit of college students, and a key measure to promote the party building work in colleges and universities. Grass-roots organizations are the foundation of the whole work and fighting capacity of the Party. The grass-roots organizations of the Party are in the front line of the work of colleges and universities, and the construction of grass-roots party organizations must be strengthened earnestly. As an effective carrier of Party members' education, the theme Party Day activities play an important role in enhancing the influence and political core position of Party organizations. Based on the successful experience of the General Party Branch of the College for many years, this paper analyzes the present situation of the Party Day activities in colleges and universities, and puts forward the ways and means to innovate the construction of the Party branch of teachers and staff.


Theme Party Day Activities, Colleges and Universities, Grass-Roots Party Branch