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Study on the Construction of Chinese People's Livelihood System under the New Crown Epidemic

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.148


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The new crown epidemic that continues to this day is fierce, lasting and lethal, which has brought about an unneglectable impact on all aspects of our country and the world, especially on the economic development of our country and the world, and the economic situation of the whole world has been seriously tested since history, but also exposed, in the face of such disasters, a country's institutional problems. China is a socialist country, developing and growing up under the leadership of the Party, the Party's purpose is people-oriented, so people's livelihood has always been the key issue in our country. Under the reflection of this new crown epidemic, the research on the construction of people's livelihood system is more important. In this case, it is obvious to the public finance system that the quality of the new crown epidemic and the policy of free and full reimbursement are adopted by the state. Therefore, when the new crown epidemic occurs, the public finance system of the state is particularly important, and the system problem of individual income distribution is also an important system to solve the people's livelihood. These two systems are in a very important position in the people's livelihood system of our country.


Xin Guan Epidemic Situation, People's Livelihood System, Public Finance, Income Distribution, People's Livelihood Issues