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Based on the Accurate Poverty Alleviation Background Analysis of the Contribution of Sports Characteristic Towns to the National Sports Poverty Alleviation Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.146


Guo Yangyang, Sun Weihua, Guo Qi

Corresponding Author

Guo Yangyang


With the solid advancement of precision poverty alleviation and hard work, the innovation and creation of local sports specialized towns has become a new driving force for the development of the national sports industry, and it is a key breakthrough for the formulation of work related to poverty alleviation. Through the application of various research methods, this study systematically expounds the comprehensive poverty alleviation and sports poverty alleviation from the perspective of meaning, and systematically expounds the mechanism of the construction of sports characteristic towns on the national sports poverty alleviation strategy, and through local characteristics. The introduction of the case, comprehensive research on the development status of sports characteristic towns under the background of precise poverty alleviation and the various difficulties faced by them, and exploring new ways to solve social problems based on the concept of poverty alleviation, not only beneficial to the comprehensive implementation of national sports poverty alleviation strategies And to a certain extent contribute to the development and construction of regional sports characteristic towns, which is a characteristic development path in line with the goal of national modernization construction.


Precise Poverty Alleviation, Sports Characteristic Towns, National Poverty Alleviation, Strategic Contribution