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Clinical Study on the Treatment of Metastatic Malignant Bowel Obstruction with Transgastric Intestinal Obstruction Catheter Arrangement Small Intestinal Enterostomy

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DOI: 10.25236/icmbmm.2018.48


Song Bin,Du Juan,Hu Haixia,Su Yanzhuo

Corresponding Author

Su Yanzhuo


To explore the value of application of transgastric intestinal obstruction catheter arrangement small intestinal enterostomy in the treatment of metastatic malignant bowel obstruction, the paper selected 15 cases of patients with metastatic malignant bowel obstruction who meet the inclusion criteria, they were performed with a transgastric poke with bowel obstruction catheter for an arrangement of small intestine and intestinal enterostomy; the effect of perioperative period was observed, and a post-operation follow-up was conducted to understand the relief of obstruction and survival time. Results show all 15 patients completed operation, and the operation was successfully done, the operation time was 85-132min (averagely 118.7min); the recovery time of gastrointestinal function was 2-7d, median time was 3.5d; hospitalization time was 8-33d, median hospitalization time was 17.8d; there was one case of death in the peri-operative period. 14 cases were followed up, the follow-up time was 3 - 38 months (averagely 20.7 months), survival time was 3 -38 months, median survival time was 15.4 months, the benefit remission rate was 93.3% (14/15). In a word, a reasonable selection and application of transgastric bowel obstruction catheter arrangement small intestinal enterostomy can relieve the bowel obstruction in part of the patients, and oral feeding can delay the time of reobstruction, extending the survival time.


Intestinal obstruction catheter, Bowel enterostomy, Malignant bowel obstruction.