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Analysis on the Influence Path of Industry-University Cooperation Model and Transformation Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.144


Rui Lv

Corresponding Author

Rui Lv


Industry-university cooperation is an effective way for scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation. To realize the effective connection between industry and university and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, it is necessary to rationally position the main functions in the scientific and technological innovation system and give full play to the functions and advantages of each innovation main body. More and more enterprises are unable to rely on their own technological innovation ability to meet the needs of their own development and operation under the condition that their own technological research and development ability and innovation level are low. The development of industry-university cooperation will inevitably promote the scientific and technological work of colleges and universities to adapt to the pace of socialist market economy more actively, and the industrial departments will improve their understanding of relying on science and technology. Today, with the country paying more and more attention to scientific and technological innovation, colleges and universities, as important national institutions for training talents and scientific research, should upgrade the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the position of paying equal attention to teaching and scientific research.


Industry-University Cooperation, Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, Technological Innovation