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Evolution of Social Governance Structure and Service-oriented Governance of College Students' Social Work

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.142


Yinmei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yinmei Zhang


According to the continuous progress of the current society, the mode of social management should also continue to progress, for the new social management model needs to be constantly tried, as the deepening of social management and innovative mode, that is, social governance, is the new management model obtained in the continuous improvement. In social governance, social work as a service model has been applied in it, can play a synergistic role. In the new period, the formation of social governance system needs sufficient theory to support. Therefore, this paper analyzes the evolution of social governance structure, and then discusses the service-oriented power of college students' social work, hoping to promote the application of social governance as a social management model and strengthen the application of social work in it.


Social Governance Structure, Social Work, Service-Oriented Governance