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The Construction of Quantitative Evaluation Model of Higher-level Talents' Salary Driven by "Double First-Class"

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.140


Zaiyue Tian, Min Huang

Corresponding Author

Zaiyue Tian


With the continuous development of society, the state and society pay more and more attention to education, and education will also develop better and better. "Double First-Class" is an important strategic measure in the history of education development in China. It puts forward urgent requirements for colleges and universities to train professional talents and strengthen their own discipline construction. And in recent years, export students have been in the process of continuous growth, so in order to improve the level of college teachers and enhance the strength of scientific research in colleges and universities, we must build a reasonable salary structure, pay full attention to the role of high-level talents, only excellent teachers team can best educate students. This paper will start from the definition and characteristics of high-level talents in colleges and universities, and combine with the current situation analysis of the salary system, put forward the plan and suggestions to improve and optimize, and provide a force for the development of colleges and universities in China.


Double-Class, High-Level Talent, Pay Quantitative Evaluation Model, Current Situation, Improvement and Optimization