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Improving the Supply Quality of Rural Commercial Pension Insurance in Guangdong Province

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.139


Lin Li

Corresponding Author

Lin Li


The pension system of our country is mainly composed of three pillars: basic old-age insurance, enterprise annuity and individual commercial old-age fund. Because the aging trend of our country is rising obviously, the first pillar sustainable pressure is big, the second category reserve is insufficient, the third category needs to develop urgently. At present, the urban basic old-age insurance system has basically matured, while the rural population is large and the insurance system is relatively backward, the vast majority of the rural population only know social security and do not know commercial old-age insurance. Through the methods of investigation, evidence collection and comparative analysis, this survey studies the reasons for the relative lag of commercial old-age insurance in rural areas in the form of questionnaires and visits, and puts forward some suggestions to improve the current situation of rural commercial old-age insurance, such as increasing the credibility of commercial old-age insurance, simplifying the insurance process, establishing a diversified insurance model and establishing farmers' awareness of old-age insurance.


Rural Endowment Insurance, Commercial Endowment Insurance, Social Endowment Insurance