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Research on the Innovation Path of Enterprise Financial Integration under the Mode of Financial Sharing Service Center

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.136


Shan Zhang, Meisha Wang

Corresponding Author

Shan Zhang


Because the market economy of our country is only a good year, many business enterprises begin to carry out business across regions and provinces one after another, the workload of the financial department of enterprises is increasing daily, the disadvantages of the traditional operation mode are becoming more and more obvious. In the face of the new situation under the support of information technology, the integration of financial sharing service center model and enterprise industry and finance is still a new business model, and there are many development conditions waiting for us to explore and discover quietly. This paper focuses on the birth and development of the financial sharing center and the operation field and industry advantages of the enterprise financial integration mode. Under the competitive environment of many enterprises, the enterprise financial integration under the financial sharing center mode under the new situation, with more advantages than the traditional enterprise operation mode, how to do more detailed and perfect construction in the aspects of talent technology and management mode, how to further develop and take a new road.


Financial Sharing Center Model, Enterprise Financial Integration, New Business Development