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Research on Social Equity in China from the Perspective of Marx's Fair Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.134


Site Li

Corresponding Author

Site Li


From the reform and opening up of our country to the present decades, the economic level of the country is improving rapidly, and the political system and economic system of our country are constantly innovating and developing, and in the scope of the rule of law, social equity is constantly changing and improving. But for people's livelihood, the issue of social equity is very important and needs its continuous improvement. The reality shows that there is still some unfair occurrence of social problems in many fields in our country and in every link of society. But the concept of social equity and its implementation is not a constant layer, it changes with the change of time, the change of political power, so the content and ideas contained in social equity change with these changes. Since then, many thinkers and philosophers have discussed and thought about the topic of social equity. At present, our country is following Marxist thought and taking the socialist road. Therefore, from the founding of the Party to the present, we are striving for social equity, striving to eliminate the unfair things in society and realize the development of all-round freedom of human beings.


Marxism, Social Equity, Social Issues