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Practical Exploration of Establishing First-Class Primary Party Organizations in Higher Vocational Colleges -- Taking Qujing Medical College as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.123


Zhuyun Shi

Corresponding Author

Zhuyun Shi


The grass-roots organizations in Colleges and universities are the places for the development of various undertakings. Strengthening the party building at the grass-roots level in Colleges and universities is a necessary condition for building a first-class party. At the same time, through moral cultivation, we should standardize party construction at the grass-roots level, give full play to the pioneering role of Party members and cadres, strengthen party construction, promote education and scientific research, and strengthen school enterprise cooperation. Improve the school's ability to contribute to society.


Higher Vocational Colleges, First Class Grassroots Party Organizations, Party Construction