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Research on the Strategy Path of Revival of Time-honored Brands from the Perspective of Cultural Integration and Consumer Innovation

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.121


Mengjiao Yin

Corresponding Author

Mengjiao Yin


As the unique and precious wealth of the Chinese nation, time-honored brand not only embodies the cultural characteristics of the nation, but also has a dominant position in the market for a long time in the past. Due to the more fierce brand competition in the modern environment, the competitiveness of time-honored brands has been declining and began to decline. In order to change the crisis of time-honored brands, many time-honored brands promote the development through relevant cultural elements, and constantly innovate consumer's consumption concept. This makes the time-honored brand on the road of rejuvenation. Based on this, this paper studies the connotation and value of time-honored brand, and further analyzes the reasons for the lagging development of time-honored brand. Formulate the strategy of brand rejuvenation from the perspective of cultural fit and consumer innovation. In this way, the time-honored brand will be revitalized, market share will be increased, and greater contribution will be made to the spread of Chinese culture.


Cultural Fit, Consumer Innovation, Time-Honored Brand, Revival Strategy, Path Study