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Credit Expansion, Real Estate Investment and Resource Allocation Efficiency of Manufacturing Sector

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.110


Suhui Li

Corresponding Author

Suhui Li


The bank credit concentration model expands the ownership of bank real estate credit reward, but the bank's optimism and the evaluation of penetration call option are that the real estate price rises and the basic price exceeds the linked price. The fluctuation of real estate prices has led to the increase of banking fragility, and the burst of the real estate bubble has aggravated the bank's balance sheet, credit crisis and the "credit crisis" trap. International experience shows that the expansion of bank credit will bring great danger. In addition, the inflation of the real estate price in our country depends on the bank credit to a great extent, which leads to the accumulation of bank risk. Commercial banks in some parts of China have highlighted the rapid growth of bad real estate bonds.


Credit Expansion, Real Estate Price, Bank Stability