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Mode Selection and Optimization of Social Forces' Participation in Rural Leisure Tourism Development

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.106


Lili Fan

Corresponding Author

Lili Fan


The strategy of rural revitalization put forward by the Nineteenth National Congress prompted all localities to begin to attach importance to agricultural development. In order to respond to the strategy of rural revitalization, develop rural tourism, and encourage social forces to actively participate in the revitalization of rural areas. The development of rural tourism is very complex, and there is a certain conflict of interest between local government, local residents and tourism investors in the choice of development mode, especially with the participation of social forces. In addition, the lack of supervision of rural leisure tourism and the low quality of tourism products restrict the development of rural leisure tourism. In order to optimize rural leisure tourism, starting with understanding the current situation of rural leisure tourism development mode, aiming at the challenges facing the development of rural leisure tourism, this paper puts forward effective countermeasures to solve the problem of "agricultural rural farmers" and ensure the smooth implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization.


Social Forces, Rural Leisure Tourism, Optimization Strategy