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Exploration of Correlation between Myopia and Eye Flexion Elements in Adolescents

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.102


Zhenghong Zhou, Sheng Mao, Hualing Yin, Lei Gong

Corresponding Author

Lei Gong


Objective: to explore and analyze the development of high myopia in different age groups and the relationship between diopter and ocular axis. Methods :176 patients with high myopia (352 eyes) were divided into 4 groups :32 eyes (9.1%) in group 1,96 eyes (27.3%) in group 2,164 eyes (46.6%) in group 3,60 eyes (17.0%) over 50 years of age and 1 diopter. The axial length and composition length of diopter matrix in four groups were measured. Results: The myopia diopter of the two groups was deep (-5.94±1.63) d (t =-3.651, P=0.001), and the length of the ocular axis was prolonged (3.25±0.70)(t =4.662, PP=0.001). diopter of high myopia of all ages is mainly related to the ocular axis (r=0.649), and the ratio of the two is relatively stable. Generally, myopia increases by 1.73 d. for every 1 mm extension Conclusion: High myopia develops rapidly before the age of 20 and tends to stabilize after the age of 20. The diopter of high myopia is mainly related to the axis of the eye.


High Myopia, Progression, Diopter, Ocular Axis