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Analysis of Non-tariff Measures in Aquatic Products Export Based on Gravity Model

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.091


Liu Chaojing

Corresponding Author

Liu Chaojing


Non-tariff measures, as an important form of barriers in the international trade environment, are constantly changing their forms of expression and playing their own unique role. However, in real international trade, most countries in the world generally adopt corresponding intervention trade policies for foreign trade activities based on their own interests. Trade gravity model is an important method to study international trade. This paper uses gravity model to analyze China's aquatic products exports to 25 major trading partners in 2019, and draws a conclusion that the total economic scale, per capita national income level and bilateral trade volume of the investing country and the host country are positively correlated with the international direct investment flows between the two countries. Based on the above analysis, this paper puts forward some policy suggestions to increase the export trade of aquatic products in China.


Gravity model, International trade, Aquatic products export, Non tariff measures