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How to Design Marketing Campaigns of Consumer Loan Products?----A perspective of Behavioral Finance

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.090


Jiawen Ke

Corresponding Author

Jiawen Ke


To make people know more about themselves when making financial decision, this paper used the principles of behavioral finance to explain the possible biases they have. From a standpoint of a bank which is going to launch a new consumer credit product, catching the biases with consumers can help the bank to maximize their profit in an effective way. The paper analyzed the consumer psychology influenced by framing, anchoring and representativeness respectively to help such banks to generate more accurate marketing campaigns to improve their profitability. Finally, the suggested campaigns correlated to the biases were illustrated with the advertisement content, the interpretation of the product and the ubiquitous celebrity marketing.


Behavioral finance, bias, framing, anchoring, representativeness