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Exploring the Implications of Blockchain Technology to the Development of Rural Tourism in China: a Future Research Agenda

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.083


Boyang Shu, Jiali Li, Bangchen Pan

Corresponding Author

Jiali Li


As a new type of information science and technology, blockchain technology breaks through the limitations of traditional central technology and creates broad development prospects. It has been gradually applied to all fields of social life. The development of rural tourism in the new era needs to integrate advanced technology and to seek new development ideas. This paper discusses the wide application of blockchain technology in promoting rural tourism management service, perfecting user evaluation system, and helping farmers to increase their income. The application of blockchain technology can reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance and enhance the openness and transparency of information and transactions making up for deficiencies of the current industry, which has a positive impact and practical significance for the development and revitalization of Chinese rural tourism.


Blockchain technology, Rural tourism, Distributed ledger, Cryptocurrency