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Ecology and Population Status of Long Eared Hedgehog

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.080


Lingyun Chen, Juan WU, Fei WANG

Corresponding Author

Lingyun Chen


In August 2019, we conducted a comprehensive scientific investigation of Long Eared Hedgehogs in an area near Hongyashan Reservoir in Minqin County, Gansu Province, China, using line transects, visiting survey and observation of feeding. At the same time, combined with relevant data, the living habits and protection status of Long Eared Hedgehog in this area were studied. Long Eared Hedgehogs are the only type of hedgehog found in desert and semi-desert areas. The species was included in the List of Land Wildlife under State Protection that is Beneficial or of Important Economic or Scientific Value released by the State Forestry Administration on August 1, 2000. It has now become a protected species. Protecting Long Eared Hedgehog, for maintaining the ecological balance of desert and semi-desert grasslands, promoting harmony between human and nature, maintaining biodiversity, promoting the comprehensive, sustainable and coordinated development of the economy and society, is of great significance.


Long eared hedgehog, Morphological characteristics, Life habits, Species conservation