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Perspective of New Media’s Introduction into Integration Mode of Education Resources for Socialist Core Value System

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DOI: 10.25236/aepss.2017.005


Wei Ling

Corresponding Author

Wei Ling


New media uses its diversified way to show people a rich image of the education theme and content, as well as breaking the traditional geographical and temporal and spatial limitations, conveying a wealth of resources for the audience with the vast amounts of knowledge and information. Socialist core value in such a stage with so much concern will be with the integration of new media to achieve a fundamental change, and new media in socialist core value resource integration can not only enrich the socialist core value way to expand the educational approaches of socialist core value , beautify the environment of socialist core value , but also integrate socialist core value platform for resource sharing and optimization configuration. We should fully use new media technologies to effectively apply it to socialist core value system resource integration, so that socialist core value system is no longer limited to a single mentoring taught, but by means of new media, with a visual and auditory feast effects to realize college students' socialist core value cultivation, which can not only speed up and improve the efficiency, but also realize sharing and utilization of social resources and better able to achieve economic and social optimization.


New media, socialist core value system, Resource integration mode, Fuzzy evaluation method.