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A New Model of the Economic Stereoscopic Innovation Value Networks in Digital Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.072


Zhengang Zhai, Jing CAO, Danli Tao, Zhiyuan Pan, Yunya Zhu

Corresponding Author

Zhengang Zhai


Now, the digital economy is the hot topic in recent years. Most researchers do some research about it. The innovation ecosystem is one of them. In most papers, the economical or industry innovation ecosystem in different levels, just like in a country, region or a company, have been researched, which were the focus on the elements of the innovation ecosystem and the relationships between them just in a plane. In this paper, a new model of the economical stereoscopic innovation ecosystem is proposed, which has not been proposed by other many researchers, especially in the economy field. In this paper, we believe there are different value networks and niches in different innovation ecosystem. The value point, market, technology niches and value network are the necessary elements in a scientific innovation ecosystem. The model is proposed to quantize the innovation ecosystem to promote the digital economical development, which also will to guide a regional digital economical development. In the experiment, the model is tested using the simulated data to prove the model reasonable.


Stereoscopic innovation value networks, Ecosystem, Competition-cooperation model