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Study on Transformation and Utilization of Agricultural Straw Biomass under Green Development Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.068


Yujie Wang

Corresponding Author

Yujie Wang


The accumulation of straw is increasing, the technology of comprehensive development and utilization of straw in rural areas is relatively backward, and the speed and quantity of scientific transformation of straw are slow, which leads to the burning of a large number of straw in the field. With the further deepening of the concept of sustainable development in China, people's awareness of saving and utilizing energy resources is also increasing. In view of the surplus straw resources, farmers in many countries prepare for the next cultivation by burning in the field. Transforming straw into biomass energy for utilization is an important measure to turn waste into wealth, which closely conforms to the current concept of sustainable development and is an important measure to realize the economical utilization of energy resources. Straw conversion into biomass energy is an important way of sustainable development. In this paper, the status quo and influencing factors of straw to biomass energy utilization under the concept of green development were analyzed, and the utilization direction and development strategy of straw conversion into biomass energy were explored in detail, hoping to play a certain enlightenment role in the development of biomass energy utilization.


Straw, Biomass energy, Sustainable development