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Research on the Influence of Consumer Psychology on Economic Growth under the Background of e-Commerce Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.067


Siyu Chen

Corresponding Author

Siyu Chen


As a new way of trade, e-commerce reduces the distance between production and consumption with the help of the real-time interaction of the Internet, and connects enterprises and consumers closely. With the gradual development of the Internet and the improvement of e-commerce environment and the huge advantages of e-commerce, e-commerce is developing at an alarming speed, and gradually penetrated into all areas of social life. With the change of seller's market to buyer's market, the main driving force of economic growth has changed from supply driven to consumption driven. Due to the development of high-tech in the network era, e-commerce has formed a strong impact on the traditional economic and trade mode, and has strong vitality, which is the future development direction of marketing. This paper analyzes the changing trend and characteristics of consumer psychology in e-commerce and the factors that restrict the development of e-commerce at present, and discusses the influence of consumer psychology on economic growth, so as to construct a new operating mechanism suitable for e-commerce.


E-commerce, Consumer psychology, Economic growth