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Brief Analysis of the Present and Future of Chinese Red Cross Society

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DOI: 10.25236/edssr.2020.061


Jinjie Tang, Jialin Du

Corresponding Author

Jinjie Tang


As a typical official NGO in China, the Red Cross of China plays an essential role in the public crisis of Covid-19 epidemic. Official NGO, also known as government organized NGO, refers to the organization funded by the government and aimed at achieving the government’s goals. Official NGO is not only highly dependent on the government, but also unable to realize full abilities to provide public goods and services due to the government’s restraint. Therefore, by studying the current operation mode and future development direction of the Red Cross Society, we can help it get rid of the inherent inefficiency of the official NGO and accelerate the transformation as well as upgrading of Chinese Red Cross Society.


Official ngo, Red cross, Transformation